Why choose phytoglycogen makeup?

Why choose phytoglycogen makeup?

Hybrid cosmetics is one of the fastest growing trends in the beauty industry. Halfway between skincare and makeup, these products offer the best of both worlds. And among the most interesting ingredients contained in hybrid cosmetics is phytoglycogen, which is a natural-origin moisturizer that provides the skin with a multitude of benefits and deserves to be in the spotlight.

What is phytoglycogen?

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Phytoglycogen is a naturally occurring version of glycogen, which is present in the human body. Glycogen provides hydration for the skin and acts as an energy source to promote cell growth. The glycogen that is found in skin care is usually extracted from shellfish.

Having similar benefits, phytoglycogen (as its name implies) is derived from plants. It is an entirely vegan and eco-friendly option being embraced by brands who want to offer products that are safer for the planet, and promote biodiversity.

Where does phytoglycogen come from?

Our team of scientists uses phytoglycogen that comes from non-GMO corn1! You’ll be amazed to see the little miracles this corn compound can do for your skin!

Phytoglycogen can also be compared to other components of the human body that are often present in skin care, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. All three have many benefits, but phytoglycogen is the only one that acts as an energy source and naturally stimulates the production of other elements… in this case, collagen and hyaluronic acid!2.

Why use phytoglycogen?

Although its use is not yet widespread, phytoglycogen is being increasingly used in skin care. Some brands are even offering makeup that is made with naturally derived ingredients that provide benefits to the skin, like phytoglycogen. This is what is referred to as hybrid makeup.

Recently ranked among the most influential trends in the world of beauty, this cosmetics option lets you obtain a natural look – the popular “no makeup” makeup look – while taking care of that precious organ known as the skin. Considering we wear our beauty products throughout the day, it’s wise to choose formulas that do us good!

What are the benefits of using phytoglycogen makeup for the skin?

We don’t call it the beautiful skin ingredient for nothing! When incorporated into care pr makeup, phytoglycogen’s many benefits are nirvana for your skin. These benefits include:

1. It helps fade the signs of aging

All of us would like to age gracefully, and to achieve this, phytoglycogen is a valuable ally. Studies show this natural origin ingredient reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. Choosing a makeup base and a concealer formulated with phytoglycogen, for instance, helps naturally revitalize your skin.

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2. It improves skin tone appearance

Phytoglycogen can give skin a boost of radiance and unify its complexion. For a powerful glow-up, opt for this radiant skin daily care routine and use makeup products such as bronzer, highlighter and blush whose phytoglycogen-based formula instantly gives your face a healthy appearance.

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3. It moisturizes (effectively and for a long period of time)

Many naturally derived ingredients offered by beauty product brands are considered to be moisturizers, but phytoglycogen is in a class of its own. Studies show that phytoglycogen provides not only an immediate feeling of softness, but also long-lasting hydration (more so than hyaluronic acid).

Your lips and skin will remain soft throughout the day using a lip gloss or a light-coverage foundation enriched with phytoglycogen.

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4. It softens skin

During the summer months, our skin often needs some gentle moments of softness due to its exposure to the sun. Soothing phytoglycogen softens dry skin and restores a feeling of comfort when combined, for instance, with a tinted oil entirely formulated with clean ingredients as per the EWG.

5. It reduces the redness associated with dry skin

Does your skin need even more love? This phytoglycogen-based serum and cream for sensitive skin are ideal for skin that is prone to dryness. Indeed, our go-to ingredient has demonstrated its ability to reduce redness associated with dry skin.

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In addition to showing some love to your skin with phytoglycogen’s multiple benefits, the new Oceanly™ hybrid makeup stick line is EWG VERIFIED™, vegan and plastic-free. At last: A fun, minimalist approach to beauty! Find out more about these revolutionary cosmetics here.


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