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The wondrous benefits of trees

Shocking tree facts of the day

  1. Every 1.2 second, the human species destroys a forest the size of a football field. 
  2. 46 % – The percentage of eliminated forests in the world. 
  3. 20 % – The percentage of greenhouse gas emissions due to the destruction of tropical forests.(1) 
  4. 100 years – The number of years in which all tropical forests will have disappeared, at the current rate of deforestation.(2) 

Now that we have your attention, we would like to address a subject matter that is near and dear to our hearts: reforestation. Planting trees is a significant part of our mission, and we want to extend our passion to the community because the benefits of trees branch out to all species of the planet. 

The air we breathe 

Everyone knows that trees are our source of oxygen. They have a simple, yet complex, anatomical breakdown consisting or leaves, branches, a trunk, and roots that allow them to perform miracles. The process by which trees feed themselves is called photosynthesis. This occurs when the leaves use solar energy to convert the absorbed carbon dioxide and water into glucose. Oxygen, the by-product of this chemical process, is produced and released. Based on a study from the United States Department of Agriculture, one large tree could provide four people with enough oxygen for an entire day.(3) What’s more about the benefits of trees is that by storing copious amounts of carbon dioxide, trees are purifying the air and reducing the impact of the chemical compound on the planet. In one year, a mature tree traps over 48 pounds of carbon dioxide that is transformed and released as oxygen.(4) 


The water we drink 

Reforestation is also essential because forests guide water into rivers, lakes, and the groundwater table. Among other interesting tree facts, did you know forested watersheds are responsible for providing drinking water to more than 180 million Americans?(5) As a matter of fact, this is how 75% of the world’s fresh water supply is generated.(6) By process of transpiration, trees extract groundwater through their roots and reintegrate it back into the atmosphere.  

Due to their ability to act as “natural sponges,” trees can release gathered and sifted rainwater into streams and rivers. Without this expertise, rainwater would flow too quickly into streams and erode the soil’s top layer. These essential roles played by trees demonstrate why reforestation is imperative. The benefits of trees stretch further than we can imagine.  Planting trees is an important and necessary action to counter drought, promote soil fertility and ensure that we continue to fill reusable bottles with fresh water for a long time.  


The land on which we live 

Even more tree facts: entire ecosystems would disappear without the existence of trees. Forests represent the natural habitat for three quarters of the world’s animal species(7) and, contrastingly, 80% of the plants and animals that inhabit the forests are currently in danger of losing their homes(8). Why? To benefit the companies that strip the land to raise cattle or produce palm oil.(9) This disaster not only threatens several plants and animals with extinction, but it also affects the local populations that depend on plants for hunting and medicine. 

The communities that we propel 

We understand that it’s not entirely possible to plant trees anywhere. That’s why we set up the reforestation program. It’s a simple concept: for each ATTITUDE product purchased, a tree is planted. In collaboration with our partners Eden Reforestation Project and One Tree Planted, we have planted 1,296,675 trees thus far while promoting reforestation and the benefits of trees in many countries including Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua, Honduras, Canada and the United States. We are adamant about our initiative impacting these regions beyond the scope of the environmental framework. Consequently, our initiative creates employment opportunities within communities that often live in extreme poverty, thus laying the groundwork for economic self-sufficiency. Eden Restoration Project, for example, employs more than 11,500 people who are at the heart of its reforestation program, at a fair wage. As they say, it takes a village to raise…a forest! 

The solutions that we propose 

At ATTITUDE, we believe that change begins with our daily choices. Together, we have the power to create a better future – one clean product or one eco-friendly decision at a time. 

Here are five ways you can help in the fight against deforestation and help our planet enjoy the benefits of trees: 

  1. Stop using paper at home and the office. 
  2. Choose recycled products and refill options, then reuse them. 
  3. Buy products with packaging made from certified renewable wood sources, like our plastic-free hair and body care leaves bar™ collection. Our beauty bars are offered in FSC-certified biodegradable cardboard packaging and contain no worrying ingredients. 
  4. Support companies that promote reforestation. 
  5. Reduce your consumption of red meat and avoid palm oil products. 


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