Pink grapefruit energizing many benefits

Pink grapefruit : The energizing fruit with many benefits

Slightly larger, but similar in looks to the orange, the pink grapefruit’s main distinction is its lovely pink color. If the color alone doesn’t attract you to this energizing fruit, the natural benefits sure will.

Brief History

The pink grapefruit is a relatively new edible discovery no more than 300 years old 1. Belonging to the citrus family, it is undoubtedly an accidental cross between two other fruits, the pomelo and the orange, but it is unknown to which exact location. It was originally named the forbidden fruit in the 1750s due to its unexpected sour taste1.

Benefits for the Body

Being rich in vitamin C, grapefruit helps to maintain a healthy immune system 2. Vitamin C works to relieve cold and allergy symptoms. Another attractive benefit of the grapefruit, especially for those trying to shed a few pounds, is the high-water content and high amount of enzymes making the grapefruit an all-natural metabolism stabilizer2. Looking to eat less? Forget the diet pills and instead eat half of a grapefruit before each meal. Grapefruits are also known to reduce the risk of kidney stones, and to help fight gum disease2. Thiamine, commonly referred to as vitamin B1 is a water soluble vitamin that needs replenished every day. Vitamin B1 helps to maintain muscle tone, helps promote a healthy nervous system and skin and hair.

Benefits for the Mind

To achieve the utmost level of health, the mind needs to be nourished as well as the body. Ever feel down and blue in the winter, when the days are short, and the cold weather makes you want to crawl into a blanket shell? The refreshing, uplifting aroma of grapefruit alone helps to reduce these feelings of stress and depression3. Feeling anxious? The smell of grapefruit can help reduce this feeling as well. Adding grapefruit scent to a bath ensures a lighter spirit and a happier mind! Although it can't add a few degrees to the outside temperature, grapefruit can definitely give you that little extra energy boost to help you find your get up and go. Simply drinking some fresh grapefruit juice in the morning is a delicious way to boost energy levels and to feel more confident about tackling the day. Grapefruit is a famously known energizer, and a happy mood inducer, which we all need every now and then. Another fun way to use grapefruit to trick the mind is to use slices to garnish foods. The little pop of unexpected color is sure to bring a little bit of sunshine to any meal. Next time you’re in the grocery store, or at the local fruit stand, don’t overlook the pile of grapefruit, especially in the winter. The taste can add a bold citrus flavor to salads, can be used as a nutrient rich dressing or smoothie, or can be caramelized on top of desserts. The sight and smell can take your dull mood and uplift it to a vibrant one. Not only are the health benefits of grapefruit endless, but the goods feelings that will result are as well.
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