Our super ingredient, moringa, under the microscope

Our super ingredient, moringa, under the microscope

Have you heard of moringa? It’s a key ingredient in our Super leaves collection. Native to India, moringa is a tropical tree commonly called the “tree of life.” Indian doctors have long used the leaves and seeds to treat all types of conditions. They are also prized for their antipollution properties. Read on to know more! Origins Originally from northern India and Sri Lanka, Moringa oleifera was gradually planted throughout the world’s equatorial and tropical areas. This very sturdy tree can reach 10 metres in height by setting solid roots in all types of soil, from the poorest to the most fertile. It is very drought-resistant and easily adapts to even the most arid regions. In India, moringa is known as the “miracle tree”. In some parts of Africa, it is called nebeday or néverdier, from the English “never die” or tree that never dies. Well known in tropical and subtropical regions for its nutritional and medicinal properties, moringa also has a remarkable ability to clarify and purify river water. Today, there are more than nine species of moringa grown around the world, including Moringa oleifera. This species is used in cosmetics for its ability to eliminate pollution particles.

Described as the world’s most nourishing plant by the World Vegetable Center, this remarkable ingredient is your new health and beauty ally.

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Antipollution: Fight pollution to prevent skin aging

Trees have more than just leaves to offer! The pods of the moringa tree contain seeds that are turned into a powerful extract used in all our Super leaves products for their antipollution properties. Each day, we are exposed to pollution in our environment. This causes oxidative stress, which clogs our pores and prematurely ages our skin and hair. Moringa seed extract contains an active ingredient that keeps pollution particles from adhering to the skin and hair and then entering the cells. It is also highly cleansing and purifying! While every part of the plant is used in Ayurvedic medicine, it is mainly the leaves and seeds that are used in cosmetics, due to the oil that can be extracted from them. The oil produced from Moringa seeds has dozens of beneficial properties for the skin and hair, including:
  • Antipollution
  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
Other assets include exfoliating, cleansing and anti-pollution properties, thanks to a protein known to kill bacteria. The extract is therefore ideal for people whose skin is subject to imperfections and anyone wanting to limit the adhesion of pollution microparticles and to fight free radical damage.

Did you know?

Each day, we are exposed to pollution in our environment. This can clog our pores, causing premature skin aging and hair damage due to oxidation. For this reason, we’ve added moringa seed extract to our products. An active ingredient with antioxidant and purifying powers, it detoxifies the skin and keeps pollutants from adhering to it.

Find moringa’s benefits in our Super leaves products

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