5 oatmeal benefits for sensitive skin

5 oatmeal benefits for sensitive skin

Oatmeal isn’t just good for breakfast. Entirely natural, this cereal has been used for centuries in the world of personal care for its nourishing, soothing and softening properties. If you have dry and sensitive skin, you will love oatmeal benefits on your skin and it just may become your new best friend. Here's why.

What are oats? 

Texture de l'avoine, un ingrédient apaisant pour les peaux sensibles

Avena sativa, commonly known as oat, is a type of whole grain that has been grown since ancient times and is known for its nutrient-dense content. Rich in soluble fiber, oats are frequently associated with digestive and heart health.1 But that's not all! They also offer the skin, particularly dry and sensitive skin, a bevy of benefits. In fact, the amino acids, proteins, vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids they contain form a perfect cocktail to nourish both the stomach and the epidermis.

The Benefits of Oatmeal for Sensitive Skin

Is your skin so dry and sensitive that you wish you could bathe in a giant tub of lotion all day? Before you take these drastic measures, consider turning your attention to healthier products that are based on oatmeal extract or colloidal oatmeal to relieve the skin on your face, hands, body, and scalp. Here are 5 oatmeal benefits for the skin.

What is the difference between oatmeal extract and colloidal  oatmeal? 

Oatmeal extract is made with the top parts of the plant that are still green. This is mainly used in shampoos and soaps. 

Colloidal oatmeal is, simply, the finely ground version of oats. This can be found in lotions and creams for the body, face, and hands.

  1. Nourishes for better hydration

    In this case, dry and sensitive skin can be compared to an empty stomach; it needs to be fed! Just like oatmeal is great to curb your appetite, lotions or shower gels infused with oatmeal extract or colloidal oatmeal are known to nourish dry and sensitive skin. When they penetrate the epidermis, the multivitamins and minerals contained in oats help retain water while strengthening the protective barrier of the skin to promote hydration.2

  2. Reduces redness caused by dryness

    According to clinical studies, one of oatmeal benefits for skin is that is possesses antioxidants that have the capability to soothe dry skin3, thanks, mainly, to its vitamin E content. Have you ever applied a vitamin E ointment to your skin? Oatmeal creams can have the same calming effect on skin that is plagued with redness. 

    Hand applying moisturizer with oatmeal to soothe sensitive skin
  3. Soothes itchiness caused by dryness

    You may not remember this, but your mom might have made you take an oatmeal bath if you suffered from itchiness as a child. Why? Because thanks to their antioxidant properties, oats can also be used in cases of itching, even as an adult. Choose the best care for your sensitive skin and help get rid of this frustrating feeling. Oh, and don’t forget to thank your mom.

  4. Softens the skin

    Softness is usually the result of nourished and hydrated skin. So, go ahead and use your mom’s homemade technique: mix oatmeal in your hot bath for an instant softening effect! We can’t promise that your bath will give you your soft baby skin back, but the oats will help smooth out the rough and dry areas.

  5. Gentle cleanser 

    ATTITUDE sensitive skin shower gel made with oatmeal

    Last but certainly not least, oatmeal cleanses and exfoliates the skin, getting rid of dirt and dead cells. How can a simple grain be such a great cleanser? Because it’s overflowing with saponins, natural molecules with detergent and emulsifying powers. In other words, a soap or shower gel that contains oatmeal can eliminate impurities, without irritating the skin. These same properties are also beneficial for sensitive scalps! A shampoo with oatmeal extract will have a soothing effect on your scalp without leaving a greasy feeling. Try to choose one that is also hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive skin.

No one should have to endure the problems associated with dry and sensitive skin – especially when there is a simple and natural remedy! Healthy and hypoallergenic products that are free from worrying ingredients, according to the EWG, and offer all the benefits of oatmeal to the skin are ideal to free you from unpleasant dermal sensations. And if you want to know more about naturally sourced ingredients that can work wonders for dry skin, find out what this precious oil can do for you…


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