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How we choose our ingredients based on the strictest health criteria

Clean, green, natural, eco-friendly…. in the body care aisle, these labels are found on so many products that it’s hard to know which ones are really good for us.

Unfortunately, there’s no governing body to control the use of these “green” terms. Therefore, brands can use them to their heart’s content without complying with any environmental requirements whatsoever. It’s what’s called “greenwashing,” an annoying trend that creates the false impression of making an informed choice.

So how do you tell the real from the fake? At ATTITUDE, we adhere to the strictest recommendations issued in North America. We follow developments in scientific databases, such as California's Proposition 65, to continually challenge our ingredient choices, in addition to the strict criteria of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) program, to ensure that our products are free of ingredients of concern.

What is California's Proposition 65?

Proposition 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, has been in effect in California since 1986. Besides banning all carcinogenic substances from drinking water throughout California territory, it requires businesses to list any carcinogenic ingredient on their packaging.

More than 1,000 harmful ingredients are specified in the proposition, which is updated several times a year. From this list, you can be sure that our products, both household and personal care, will never contain chemical ingredients and contaminants known to cause cancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive problems. Rather than making do with listing them, we’ve chosen to eliminate them completely and to offer you options that, based on strict standards, are truly healthy and safe.

What is the Environmental Working Group?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is the U.S. organization that created the Skin Deep® database. The database lists over 80,000 personal care products and provides an overview of over 150,000 chemicals, classified by toxicity and approved use. The standards set by the EWG help consumers make better choices.

Our mission is perfectly aligned with the values promoted by the EWG, and it is crucial for us to develop all our products in accordance with their health criteria: free of carcinogenic contaminants, mutagens, endocrine disruptors and other ingredients of concern. When you choose products that meet these stringent criteria, you can be sure you are opting for the best cleaning and personal care products available. 

Carefully chosen ingredients

When we create our products, we think about the impact that the materials used will have on you, your family and the environment. Our goal is for it always to be the lightest possible – from the product’s development to its discharge in our waters. And, of course, our criteria are extremely strict.

First, all our suppliers must have certification showing that their products contain no worrisome ingredient that appears in the scientific databases of recognized institutions like the International Agency for Research on Cancer, or on Proposition 65’s list. Then, for each substance used, we verify the risk analyses performed by the Environmental Working Group, and its classification of over 150,000 chemicals according to their degree of toxicity.

Besides content, there’s the whole production process surrounding it. For us, it’s just as important to assess the methods used and the resulting by-products as the final result itself. So it’s only after having examined every aspect of our products’ design that we approve the formulas created in our labs.

For us, for you and for the future

Since our beginnings in 2005, our mission has been to offer you a range of household and body products produced from naturally-sourced ingredients that are as, if not more, effective than synthetic solutions. Healthy, superior-quality products that really work and that are accessible to everyone and to every budget.

It’s our lives – not profit – that inspire us. That’s why we’ve been committed from the start to never endangering them. All worrisome contaminants, like carcinogens, mutagens and endocrine disrupters, have been completely eliminated from our products to keep the impact on our homes, our children, our pets and our planet to a minimum. 

More than 15 years later, we are continuing to innovate and abide by the strictest rules in order to offer you healthy products you can always count on – beyond a doubt.

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