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Brand refresh

ATTITUDE is a brand that stands for the well-being of people and the planet. For over a decade, we’ve been striving to identify ways to positively impact the world through all aspects of our business.

Today, we are excited to introduce a brand revamp that amplifies our mission to bring to life innovative products that put health and nature first. The new look and tone will be reflected on our e-commerce platforms, social media, point-of-sale displays and packaging, where we aim to connect with the brand’s growing customer base and upcoming generations in a cleaner and more minimalist way. The design was guided by ATTITUDE's new path to plastic-free beauty as well as the company's existing digital-focused marketing approach.

The brand's new palette features an array of bright, bold colours inspired by nature. The choice of these contrasting colours represents the marriage of strength and optimism, which we juxtapose without restraint (on all levels!). In terms of typography, we chose two new modern fonts: a bold, minimalist sans serif font to better convey our brand's key messages while reflecting our challenger mindset, and a fun serif font that embodies our ongoing positivity.

ATTITUDE brand refresh

Our images and photo direction are unfiltered to express natural beauty and diversity. The movement in the photos communicates authenticity and vitality. Our depictions of nature are processed in a unique and creative way from natural photographic elements into small pieces of art. This dynamic, colorful, non-conforming artistic rendition of nature leaves room for inspiration and emotion.

Reinforced with a more assertive tone of voice to motivate real and authentic conversations with our prospects and customers, our new brand translates into fun, engaging and insightful captions and content, such as UGCs, behind-the-scenes, educational deep dives, tips and tricks, ingredient highlights, product spotlights, memes, and inspiring designs. Our overall content strategy is driven by our desire to build a committed and passionate community around our brand's mission across social media platforms.

The new branding is intended to create a deeper connection with our growing audience – health lovers, green enthusiasts and cool parents of the world! We have developed a more minimalist and impactful identity that embodies our evolving brand personality as well as the company's values and agile way of doing business. ATTITUDE is growing in the plastic-free beauty world, thus inspiring our authentic, artistic, body-positive and inclusive creative direction – a central element of the revamp.

- Laurence Chalifour, Communications and Brand Director

Animated GIF, that's my attitude, showing pictures of a diversity of people

New Look, Growing Mission

Just as our look has evolved, so has our commitment to creating the best products. By incorporating more sustainably sourced ingredients as well as refillable and biodegradable packaging, we are determined to transform the way our industry operates. ATTITUDE's future is focused on striving for higher standards and is guided by three fundamental pillars: 

Clean ingredients – We develop our formulas with the highest standards of quality and transparency, using only the most effective, clean and sustainable ingredients – EWG VERIFIEDTM, PETA, and ECOLOGO certified.

Same routine, less plastic – Our global approach to sustainability is to reduce, reuse, recycle and restore to help protect the planet. We are committed to designing innovative packaging that reduces single-use plastic waste in our daily lives.

Raising forest – We positively offset our activities by planting trees, reducing our carbon footprint and helping preserve the planet's ecosystems. Giving back to our community is also core to ATTITUDE's mission. Our generous streams include product donations, monetary donations, or project-based donations.

Looking Forward

Overproduction and overconsumption have created an endless cycle of waste. More than 380 million tons of plastic is produced each year in the world. About 9% of this waste is recycled, the majority ends up in landfills and about 8 million tons is dumped into the ocean. To fight the plastic waste crisis, significant change is needed. We must begin the transition to truly circular consumption patterns, through plastic-free, refillable and reusable packaging solutions.

We are seeking to work closely with our community and industry to make individual and systemic changes that will reduce our impact on the environment. We all have a role to play in slowing down the pace and we believe that together we have the power to lead to a better future.

Statistic - 28000 tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every day

Packaging, the ATTITUDE way.

In 2019, we began offering low-waste packaging alternatives to limit our environmental impact. ATTITUDE now provides eco-refill formats, using on average 80% less plastic. Our plastic bottles are designed to be reused with our eco-refills. They are made of HDPE#2 plastic – the easiest plastic to give a second life to and minimize manufacturing waste. Over the past two years, the company has launched a full line of deodorants and sun sticks in plastic-free packaging to reduce single-use plastic in our daily lives. Since 2019, we have also planted over 1,200,000 trees to positively offset our activities.

Going forward, we are committed in continuing to minimize our footprint with every product we create – from thoughtful sourcing and efficient production to waste-reducing packaging and transportation. We are working diligently to expand our product portfolio with exciting new beauty product lines that will set the bar high!

“The beauty industry is one of the largest sources of waste, especially when it comes to single-use plastics. ATTITUDE will focus on developing minimalist beauty product lines in innovative, low-waste packaging to further its mission of raising industry standards by providing the best products for people and the environment. 2022 will be an impactful and defining year for the brand!”

- Julie Ramos, VP marketing & communications.

green planet

Community and Education

Our mission to raise the bar is not limited to our product development. We want to empower our followers, customers, and anyone who wishes to make a difference to join our mission and help us create a slower, more sustainable world. We are working on developing insightful content, workshops and collaborations for our blog and social platforms. In order to amplify our mission towards a better world, we have launched an ambassador program. For anyone seeking to become a part of the ATTITUDE family, our goal, through these initiatives, is to provide a place where our community can share their voices and experiences while attaining knowledge about ingredients and sustainability. We have so far to go and so much to learn, but we want our community to grow with us. This is a journey, not a destination, and every day is one step closer to a better world.

Our Gratitude

From our loyal supporters who have been with us since our beginnings in 2006 to those who are by our side today, none of this would be possible without you. We are forever grateful for your continued support in helping us strengthen our mission and vision. We put love into everything we do, and we're excited to pursue this adventure together.

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