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9 eco-friendly spring-cleaning tips

If you’re like us, you just can’t wait for winter to be over and for spring to begin. And what better way to celebrate the changing seasons than with a clean slate? While you’re waiting for the sunny, warm days to arrive, roll up the sleeves of your sweater (yes: the one you can’t wait to stop wearing and exchange for those cute floral dresses or shirts!) and get to work with our list of 9 eco-friendly spring-cleaning tips.

Savvy Swaps 

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  1. Low on paper towels? Take this opportunity to make the switch to reusable natural sponges or organic cotton cloths. They’re just as efficient as paper towels and will work hand in hand with your favorite kitchen cleaner, bathroom disinfectant cleaner and mirror and window cleaner. We say YES to a spring-cleaned, planet-friendly house!
  1. If your dish sponge looks, well, disgusting, perhaps you could promote it to plant duty. Cut one of its corners and use the sponge to clean the leaves of your plants. It might be too gross to clean your plates, but I’m sure your plant babies will love a good wipe out.

Habits Mother Earth Approves of   

User of ATTITUDE eco-refill all purpose cleaner for spring cleaning
  1. No need to ditch your favorite ATTITUDE products’ plastic bottles once they’re empty! Just get our eco-friendly, low-waste bulk-to-go refill boxes and refill all your cleaning products and laundry essentials from the comfort of your own home, while using up to 80% less plastic!
  1. Before running your appliances, make sure you use them to their full potential, whether it’s with a laundry or a dishwasher load, fill them to their capacity in order to save energy. Even better! If you can stop using, let’s say, your dryer, and hang your clothes instead, do it! During spring cleaning, you can wash your curtains and hang them to dry on their poles, for example. And what’s better than the clean scent of freshly washed sheets that dried on the clothesline?

Single-Use…But Make It Smarter!

  1. We get it, disposable toilet brush pads are convenient. But did you know you could switch them for compostable pads that are made with natural materials like coconut husks? They’re just as convenient, but more planet-friendly!

Use, Reuse and… Repurpose!

  1. Not everything can be recycled, but many things can be repurposed with a little imagination! Your old toothbrush, for example, can be used to clean hard to reach corners of your house such as around your sinks. Just spray your favorite plant- and mineral-based cleaner and get all up in there with your toothbrush to scrub and remove stains and dirt. To make it even easier, you can boil your plastic toothbrush in order to be able to bend it at a 90-degree angle that comes in handy for reaching those tight spots. After all, spring cleaning is about thoroughly cleaning EVERYWHERE!
  1. Make your very own all-purpose cleaner with white vinegar and orange and lemon peels. These kitchen staples make for a useful, no-waste cleaner with a lovely summery scent that will perk you up!

 Take Care of What you Own

  1. We rarely think of pampering our cleaning tools, but doing so could prolongate their lives and thus, create less waste. If your broom looks frayed and stringy before or after your big spring cleaning session, it might need… a haircut! No need to take it to your local hair salon, though! Just cut it yourself with trusty scissors!
  1. Even our loyal vacuum cleaner needs cleaning! Make a habit of dusting it and cleaning out the filter often to keep it working longer and more efficiently.

 We hope this little list of ten tips for an eco-friendly spring cleaning session was useful to you! If you need more inspiration for your spring cleaning marathon, head over here! And don’t forget to head over to our website if you need some mineral- and plant-based cleaning products to get you started!

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