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6 eco-friendly resolutions for the New Year

The New Year is on its way, and to say we were looking forward to this moment would be an understatement! The change of year is always synonymous with renewal and it is all the more relevant as we prepare to (finally!!!) leave 2020 behind us. 

Although this past year has had dramatic consequences, we can take advantage of the holidays to recharge our batteries and think about what we could do in order to have a positive impact on our planet. A good way of starting new habits is to take it slow and start small. To make sure we don't run out of steam and abandon everything, we focus on one thing instead of trying to achieve everything at once.

Here are some suggestions of eco-friendly resolutions to start the new year inspired and motivated!

1. Dress ethically

Clothing rack with minimalist clothes
Instagram / @happiboxshop

Although the best way to respect our ecological values in terms of material goods is to buy as little as possible, we know for a fact that sometimes we NEED something ... or just want something new! Whether you are looking to replace a piece of clothing or want to add a touch of originality to your wardrobe, choose local or second-hand items. The local boutique owners and designers work hard to deliver quality styles that will last, and the items found in thrift stores are often little treasures that you are likely to get complimented about!

2. Reduce water consumption

Minimalist bathroom with plants
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We know long hot showers and bubble baths are very comforting, especially during winter. However, water is a rarer commodity than you might think. We therefore favor quick showers and keep the baths for special occasions… they will be even more pleasant that way! We also learn not to let the taps run when we wash our hands or brush our teeth. Even better: we preserve the water we used to wash our fruits and vegetables (with a natural ATTITUDE product, of course) and we reuse it to safely water our plants!

3. Walk, bike or use public transportation

Alternative transportation bike
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We may think that time passes more slowly when we use public transportation, but it can be quite different when we choose to take advantage of these moments to do something we love: listening to audiobooks, learning a new language (thanks to all the apps available), do sudokus, meditate… We simply need to change our perception and no longer picture public transportation as a sacrifice or a chore, but rather as a moment of solitary time. 

Planning on spending more time outdoors in 2021? Why not start by getting around by bike or on foot? Make sure you equip yourself safely, breathe in the fresh air and clear your mind. We bet you will quickly get addicted to it!

4. Eat less meat 

Vegetarian or vegan meal
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Without necessarily becoming a full-time vegan or vegetarian, there are simple ways to reduce our meat consumption. Why not go for one meatless day per week? Or eat vegetarian food two out of three meals? This experience will give us the opportunity to try new recipes and make discoveries. For meat fans, choose organic and local producers: quality guaranteed!

5. Reduce your use of plastic

Zero Waste Groceries
Instagram / @zerowastebykatie

Of course, taking care of our planet goes hand in hand with reducing our waste, and therefore, reducing our consumption of plastic. We take up new habits by visiting the local bulk grocery store, carrying reusable containers, utensils and cloth napkins, and choosing biodegradable packaging when possible.

Do you want a fun and useful project? Create a little refill station at home, thanks to the bulk refills of your favorite ATTITUDE products!

6. Reuse, recycle, repair… and reduce!

Pile of sweaters
Instagram / @natalie.ruvalcaba

A hole in a sweater? We sew it up! Worn-out shoes? We have them resoled at the cobbler! Stained t-shirts? We make scouring cloths! When we get into the habit of not throwing anything away, it becomes like an addiction, and we cannot help but find other uses or give a second life to our unloved objects instead of parting with them for good.

We also try to reduce our purchases of material goods, by thinking about what we really need before making any impulse purchase. Although new objects are only two clicks away thanks to modern technology, we pause and let ourselves think about it for a moment (a week? A month?) before buying anything. Needless to say, we favor local or second-hand purchases too, whenever possible!


Nobody is perfect, even when it comes to eco-responsibility. It is a long learning process, but oh so rewarding, for us AND for the planet! If everyone puts a bit of their own into it, together we can make a difference and embody change. Remember not to pressure yourself, to go one day and one habit at a time, and to be kind to yourselves!

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