5 protective styles for frizzy or curly hair

5 protective styles for frizzy or curly hair

Frizzy or curly hair has a reputation for being strong and tough, but as is often the case in life, you can’t trust appearances: actually, it’s very sensitive. Often dry and brittle, tightly curled hair needs to be pampered and given continual special care, so it achieves its full volume and shine.

Naturally, good hair care products appropriate to your hair type are essential, but certain hairstyles can also help protect your precious hair from the elements (dry weather, wind, cold, sun and pollution) and everyday hazards (rubbing on clothes and accessories such as scarves and hats), both day and night. Follow the guide!

Hairstyles to protect your curly hair during the day

Vanilla or flat twists

Parallel twists separated by defined lines give you a flawless, elegant look throughout the day. Achievable on natural or straightened hair, vanilla twists can be incorporated into short or long hair and gathered into a ponytail or bun: the possibilities are (almost) endless!

Vanilla or flat twists

The updo

This professional-looking hairstyle designed to gather all your hair on top of your head is easy to achieve. Try not to twist the coil too tightly, so that it doesn’t pull unnecessarily on your hair roots or give you a headache, and use a non-metallic elastic or a loose scrunchy, which will add a touch of colour and style. You’re limited only by your imagination!



Ah, braids! What lifesavers! This popular hairstyle is popular for a reason: it’s easy to achieve and offers you lots of options. Whether you opt for small or large braids, many or few, you can even weave some colourful cloth strips or threads right into your hair for a splash of stylish eccentricity!



If you’re feeling particularly inspired and looking for something original, the turban is for you. Simply find a coloured or patterned scarf in the material of your choice and cover up your hair with it. It will be safely sheltered, protected from the elements. You can even reproduce hairstyles with the cloth, braiding and tying it in various ways. Have fun!


Bantu knots

This hairstyle, originally from South Africa (more specifically from the Zulu people), consists of creating numerous little coiled buns where the hair is simply sectioned and rolled up. Bantu knots can be done on frizzy hair to help protect curls in a lasting way.

Bantu knots

Protective hairstyles for night

Although we’re paying special attention to the way we style our hair during the day, it’s important to protect it at night, as well. Although our hair is less exposed to the elements while we’re sleeping, our brittle tips still have to face a formidable enemy which I call… our pillow!

A pillow can inflict breakage if we don’t pay particular attention to our pillowcase material: that’s why you should favour silk (or its vegan alternative). This smooth natural material prevents dry hair tangles and dehydration to avoid the “bird’s nest” look when you get up.

Wearing a sleep cap is also highly recommended. It prevents friction between your hair and your pillow to reduce frizz and split ends. As with your pillowcase, opt for silk (or bamboo satin or lyocell)!

Choose the right hair products

Of course, when it comes to healthy hair, everything starts with a duo of shampoo and conditioner adapted to our hair. To be sure that the products you use really meet your needs, it’s important to know your hair type. To find out, you can take an online test that lets you identify your type and then choose the products that are right for the effect you want. That way, you’ll develop the hair routine that’s perfect for you. For example, someone who wants to add volume won’t use the same products as someone whose hair really needs nourishment.

The ATTITUDE line of products for curly hair

You know we’re big fans of the natural, and that includes hair! That’s why we’re so happy to see renewed enthusiasm for embracing big, luxurious hair. Thanks to social media, it’s now easy to access lots of inspiration and tips for textured hair. But it can sometimes be hard to get your hands on products made from healthy ingredients at affordable prices and easily available to everyone. Taking all these factors into consideration, the scientists at our in-house laboratory created our new care line for curly hair, offering three duos that meet the needs of various kinds of curls: amplification, hydration and nutrition.

ATTITUDE line of products for curly hair

Curl amplifying shampoo and conditioner

Enriched with coconut oil and infused with chamomile extracts, these products target all types of curls that are in need of definition, volume and shine. Their lightly sweet, fruity and natural fragrance is reminiscent of peach and vanilla.

Curl moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

Ideal for all hair types requiring light hydration and detangling action, the curl moisturizing duo helps hydrate lightly and gently thanks to moringa oil and calendula extracts. Both products have a delicate, naturally sweet fruity scent of pear, pineapple and vanilla sugar.

Curl ultra-hydrating (nutrition) shampoo and conditioner

Thanks to their star ingredient – shea butter – these deep moisturizing products provide in-depth nourishment to all hair types, particularly types 3 and 4 (frizzy, curly or twisty), which tend to be more fragile and brittle. The shampoo and conditioner, enriched with papaya leaf extract, repair hair while acting as an antioxidant. The exotic aroma is reminiscent of orange blossom.

It’s totally possible to mix and match different shampoos and conditioners to create your own personalized hair care routine.

Specialized hair care with plant extracts, oils and butters

All Super leaves™ product formulas for curly hair contain plant extracts, as well as plant oils and butters with diverse properties.

Like all ATTITUDE® products, they’re vegan, contain no ingredient of animal origin, and are not tested on animals. ECOLOGO certified, they meet the strictest environmental standards, from the supply of raw materials to the production of packaging. In addition, they’re hypoallergenic and laboratory-tested, and therefore ideal for sensitive scalps and skin.

All shampoos in the Super leaves™ line for curly hair are EWG VERIFIED™ and green-rated in EWG’s Skin Deep® database.

And finally, remember that your hair is your crown: maintain your precious hair with care and hold your head up high!

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