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5 eco-conscious reasons to start bulk buying

These days, we’re all concerned about the environment (and for good reason!). Consumers are looking to curate a more sustainable and low-waste lifestyle, and companies are investing in a more environmentally friendly way of selling their products: in bulk.

Buying in bulk means you buy large quantities at one time. Shopping in bulk carries the promise of less waste, more convenience, and more savings.

What’s more? Bulk packaging’s are now springing up in many stores – but not just for food! You can now buy shampoosoaplaundry detergent, and other household products in larger quantities!

1. Reduce Packaging 

Less packaging generates less waste, plain and simple!

When you can refill your existing containers, you don’t have to buy new bottles, saving a lot of waste! Not to mention that buying in bulk can reduce the energy footprint required for packaging because it reduces the amount of materials needed in the first place.

2. Save Money  

Buying a larger quantity of items you use on a regular basis can save you money! Who doesn’t want that?! Large containers carry more product using less material, minimizing your cost per unit (because you’re not incurring additional packaging costs)!

3. Stock Up on Essentials

How many times have you run out of personal or household items at the most inopportune time? Buying in larger quantities and stocking up on essentials ensures you never run out of the items you need when you need them!

4. Save Time

Yes – buying in bulk saves time! You don’t have to frequently order online or head to the grocery store to stock up on your item essentials and go-to products. You can conveniently refill and reuse right from home, saving you time, money, and energy.

5. Create a Refill Station In Your Own Home! 

Embrace this new bulk lifestyle by creating a “refill” corner with easy-to-carry and easy-to-store containers. Most bulk packaging containers are designed to be easily and conveniently stackable and storable in your pantry, kitchen cupboards, and shelving units. Bulk containers are also designed for a hassle-free and spill-free experience, without risking product contamination!

    Shopping in bulk carries the promise of less waste, more convenience, and more savings. Now…how do you find refillable products? We’ve made things simple with our ATTITUDE Bulk to go containers that are tailored for you and the environment!

    In a continued effort to reduce plastic waste, we’ve created an alternative to single-use bottles. The new four-liter, 100% recyclable Bulk to go containers are designed to replace up to height standard size bottles, thereby reducing plastic consumption by 85%!

    Shopping for your favorite products doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Little steps can go a long way! By making small adjustments to your shopping routine and buying in bulk, you can reduce your carbon footprint, get more and waste less! We invite you to embrace a new way of shopping!

     How are you reducing waste?

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